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2007 - Barn Dance

Brilliant, another well organised event.
Julie Davis

A great night out for all the family. Music great, food brilliant and the games were fantastic.
Toby (Herstmonceux)

What a fun night in a great setting and the weather was perfect too. Another superb amount raised for Cancer Research.
Sam Townsend

Great night, thanks a lot, my kids enjoyed it almost as much as the “Mother in law.”
Jo Newson

2006-Rock Festival

Well done for organising such a stonkingly good concert. There was a great mix of music. All seemed to go very smoothly.

And well done for achieving such a herculean sum for Cancer Research.

My wife and I, my son and his friend from Germany all came. Cedric particularly will remember the good music we have the UK and take back fond memories to Germany when he returns this week. He will tell others in Germany about the concert. So.... news is going to spread....

And me thinks it might grow a bit....
Andy Newham

Please pass on my thanks for a wonderful day despite the weather! A well organised, fantastic atmosphere, day out. Can't wait to see some pictures. Hope you raised lots of money. A repeat would be good - perhaps every couple of years! Again, well done to all concerned and I hope that the person taken away in the ambulance was ok.

Sandy Isted (Miss)

Hello Vibes people

A superb day! Thanks for having us along. Get yourself some much needed rest, you deserve it!

See you all soon
Mike (Glavion)

Just to say that we all had a memorable day. To be there and be part of it all, heart and soul, will stay with us for a long, long time.

Thank you so very much. with love and respect,
Sally, Ray, George, Charlie and Andy XXXX

BIG thanks to all the organisers of Vibes yesterday, we had a fantastic time and can't wait for the next one!!!! :)

Best wishes

Just wanted to pop by and say what a great day it was! Shame bout the weather but i didn't let it bring us down :)

Me (dale) and drummer Deano loved it! Do it again next year please!!! Hope a lot of money was raised!

Well done again!
Dale | offlimit |

Hey Steve, thanks so much for allowing me to perform yesterday- my band and I had a great time! Thanks for all ur hard work and effort- it really paid off!
Well done to everyone who performed! Xx

Stephanie Yeboah

HI Steve and Corrado. Many thanx for having us at such a cool event. On behalf
of band and myself many thanx, it was a great crowd and I hoped we helped
in raising awareness for your charity.

Take care LEEE JOHN

Fan-bloody-tastic day guys!

For a first time shot at bringing music to the vines it was amazingly well organised and thought out, and the bands played all amazingly well. The weather didn’t dampen the atmosphere at all for us!

Thanks again, cant wait for the next one!

A really terrific evening, thank you for that. As a first timer I did not
know what to expect so my surprise was immense.
Please be encouraged to do this again because many of us feel that we
could organise large groups of people to come with next year and also we
will spread the word around the area. Again, well done for raising so much
money and running such a good event.

Andrew Voke

Yep I honestly think you organised a fantastic festival. It really was a superb achievement to get so many great acts to run so nearly to time. ;-) Despite my little rant (hem hem) I salute everyone involved. Thanks for a great day and most importantly well done for rasing so much money for a worthwhile cause.

Great set at Vines from the Vines.
Terrific gymnastic display as well from the front man.
Dunno how you do it.
Good luck for the future.
Oliver (Led Zep Too)

Nice to see you all on Saturday! It surely was a successful day, congratulations – shame the weather was miserable. And of course, for Ray: great gig Ray!! as always…

Corrado Canonici (World Concert Artists)