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Gary Moore 1952 – 2011

24th February 2011

We were greatly saddened to hear of the death of Gary Moore earlier this month. He was a great supporter of Vibes from the Vines & we could not have raised significant amounts of money in 2006 & 2009 for Cancer Research UK without him.

Our sympathy & thoughts go out to his family & friends at this very sad time.

We are sorry to announce that due to unforeseen personal circumstances Geno Washington will now not be performing at this year’s Vibes from the Vines.

Vibes from the Vines 2009 - Early Bird Ticket Offer will finish at midnight on Sunday 19th July

Vibes from the Vines - Exciting News-07.04.09

We are now able to confirm more bands & artist to the 2009 lineup




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Please look at the lineup page for more details.

Latest News


Another amazing Rock Festival in aid of Cancer Research UK will be taking place in the East Sussex village of Horam on the August 8th 2009.

Gary Moore will once again top the bill. Those who came in 2006 you will remember what a truly awesome musician he is. Those who didn’t, you have a second chance!

The 2006 festival was attended by over 3,000 people and raised a record £32,500 for Cancer Research UK. In 2009 we need your continued support.

Performing with Gary Moore will be Mo Foster and local legend Ray Russell. We will also have a special guest appearance by Geno Washington of the Ram Jam Band fame.




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Other bands & artist will be confirmed in the coming weeks.

Watch the website for ticket availability, bands line up and venue details.



Well Vibes from the Vines in 2008 has finally left Hidden Springs and put its walking boots on.... we are officially on tour

This year we have organised a picturesque Charity Walk of either 3 or 7 miles followed by an evening of music........Well it would not be Vibes without music would it?

Click here to find out more!


13th August-A safe family night out
The barn dance was a brilliant success. We had around 350 adults plus countless children all having a really fun, safe time The comments I overheard were in praise of the toilet again (same company as last year) one has ones standards to keep up! The burgers were the “best I’ve ever tasted” according to Mina from CRUK and the music was enjoyed by all. Best of all we managed again to raise a significant amount for Cancer Research UK - £3,500.00+


14th August - Well, that's it folks!
Ten months of planning culminating in an amazing day. The weather was not the best but that didn't seem to dampen the spirits of the 2,500 plus festivalgoers who started to arrive as soon as the gates opened midday. The atmosphere was brilliant and everyone seemed to have a great time......even the hard working organising team had fun.

The stage, lighting and sound were awesome and the bands were all brilliant. Sadly we ran out of time and had to cut Led Zep Too a bit short. I underdstand they are hiping to put on a FREE event locally, for fans wanting to see them perform a full set.
As well as the music, we have had very positive feedback about of all things the "toilets". They were a cut above the average gig loo.

The only criticism of the day was the limited food choice. In our defence, we did book a noodle bar but it broke down on the M23 and didn't materialise, sad because I am not really a fry up fan, but needs must after a long day and the sausage and egg roll I had was divine.

Our grateful thanks to everyone who came and who helped us raise just over £30,000 for Cancer Research UK a truly magnificent achievement.

A huge thanks to all our helpers, sponsors and friends too. without who's input this event would not have happened.

Life is now very quiet..... might have to think of another festival...... maybe in 2008

Once again thank you everyone.

Sue Mosey XX

17th August - It's all over......
Well almost, Jimmy the Snaps, a well known local photographer has captured the event and put the pictures on his own website. Visit his website, you may even see a picture of yourself there!

Finally we are trying to get a gallery of pictures from the event together. If you have some pictures you wish to share with us and fellow enthusiasts, please either email or post them to us.