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This is now 2008 and we are planning another (God willing) super event with our walk and music event.

For me and my family 2007 was a defining year. Graham had a relapse of his cancer and we spent many months at hospitals both locally and in London, not at all sure what / if the outcome would be. I cannot believe how blessed we are that we are all together, still fighting fit and ready to take on another challenge. There are many families out there who are fighting the same battles as us and sadly there are families who have lost those battles, our hearts go out to those.

Please please help us to find ways to fight this unspeakable disease.

History of Vibes from the Vines
How did a middle aged ‘would be do gooder’ move from organising raffle, tombola and cream tea afternoons which raised a modest sum to hosting a rock based music event for around 2,500 people which will hopefully raise several thousand pounds.

The answer is relatively simple. Just over ten years ago my husband Graham was diagnosed with cancer and like many families before and since you feel as though the bottom has dropped out of your world. He has been one of the very lucky ones and is still in remission, at times it is like living with a sword over your head but one thing it does do is make you focus on the here and now and put a lot of life’s trivia into perspective. Graham’s success was due to his amazingly positive outlook and his consultant, who was and still is a great support. He gave us all the facts and figures with honesty and put Graham onto a, what was then, new drug regime. It worked and we are very thankful, we are still a family unit. Sadly there have been close friends of ours during this period who have not been so lucky and who are no longer with us.

Because of this ‘history’ I have made it a personal mission to raise as much money as I can to help research into finding cures for this evil disease that touches so many lives. I became the co-organiser of the Heathfield and Horam Group of Friends for Cancer Research UK in 2004 and we have raised a few thousand pounds each year. As the old saying goes every little helps and that is certainly true. However back in October last year we were at a friends 60th birthday party in a local pub listening to live music and chatting to the chap who had sourced the band for the event. I threw in the comment "Wouldn’t it be great to organise a sort of Band Aid for Cancer Research UK." I think Jon thought I was joking however when he got a phone call the following week the ball was well and truly set in motion……….the rest as they say is ‘history’.

To say we have been lucky with the help and support that so many people have offered and given would be a gross understatement. I am continually humbled by people’s generosity of spirit, time and resources. We have made many new friends and got to know more our neighbours so much better as a result of organising this event, some of whom, like ourselves have had close brushes with cancer and again like us want to raise funds to enable others to find cures.

Come and join us, have a great afternoon/evening of amazing music in lovely surroundings and best of all you will hopefully be helping someone to lead a longer healthier life.

Sue Mosey

Cancer Research UK
Cancer Research UK is the world’s largest independent organisation dedicated to cancer research, funding over 3000 scientists, doctors and nurses based in 80 academic centres in 30 cities throughout the UK. The charity funds research through grants to scientists in universities, hospitals and independent institutes, and by supporting work in its own research institutes and units. The charities research budget for the year 2005/2006 is £248million.

The mission of the charity is to control the disease of cancer in all its known forms within the next two generations. Progress is being made and today almost everyone with cancer has a much better chance of surviving with the improved treatments today than ever were available 50 years ago. Almost all men with testicular cancer are 95% curable, children suffering from childhood leukaemia are over 80% curable, almost all children’s cancers are 70% curable, 22% more women are surviving breast cancer than ten years ago and over 100,000 people are cured of cancer every year.

We are almost entirely dependent upon legacies and voluntary donations to support our scientific programme so without people like Sue Mosey and her Horam and Heathfield friends, organising this great Rock event and the generosity of the Bands and their sponsors helping to make it all happen, we would not be able to offer such real hope for cures for both today and for the future. Cancer Research UK is extremely grateful for all their magnificent fundraising efforts and wishes the event every success.